Mount sshfs with a script

sshfs is great for mounting remote directories locally. If you want to mount a sshfs directory locally with a script, you need to be able to connect to it with a script. This script uses expect to allow you to mount any ssh location with username and password. Normally you need to setup public key authentication and just issue the sshfs command, but if you need to use a username and password, this will do the trick for you.

Edit sudoers with visudo and nano

Editing sudoers file allows you to manage which users can use the sudo command. You should never modify this file by hand, and syntax errors will make it so you can’t use sudo and possibly not be able to edit the file again. To modify it you should use the command visudo. This opens the sudoers file in vi so you can edit it. I was attempting to edit mine with vi and for some reason it wasn’t working properly.