Kindle 3G and Wi-Fi with Special Offers

I got a Kindle this past Thursday. I am loving it so far. The E-Ink screen is easy to read and works great with a lot of light. I’m not sure what it is about it, but seem to be able to read faster than with it than reading a book on paper.

The first book I finished on it was Mockingjay which is the third book of The Hunger Games series.

The special offers make it cheaper in the initial purchase, but your screensaver is replaced with ads as well as an ad on the bottom of your home screen. They don’t show during the books at all so you don’t have to worry about ads blocking your reading. The ads themselves are non-intrusive and can actually be useful, such as discounts on Kindle books and accessories. So far, I have used two. One to get a book for $1.00 and another one to buy a book and get a $10.00 Amazon credit.